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Ice cream cart

The Piaggio Vespa is the most common ice cream cart, a multifunctional phenomenon in the world of ice cream vendors. A real eye-catcher that attracts a lot of business. The ice cream unit is tailored to the Piaggio Vespa. Besides the ice cream units for Vespa Piaggio we provide a unit for the Cargo-Bee (scooter). This ice cream unit is mainly supplied to vendors in Belgium.

Cool Cargo provides the following accessories for the different ice cream units: canopy (printed to your liking), stainless steel tubular frames and stickers (printed to your wishes). As each unit is designed and constructed in our own workshop, we can meet your specific needs. For more information, please contact our sales department.


    • High-quality battery system
    • Two sliding lids
    • Digital thermostat
    • 220 volt connection
    • Two compartments
    • Clean water supply

      Warranty is 24 months
    • Digital logger
    • Retractable awning (Stainless steel)
    • Printing canopy to suit

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